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2.1. Technical Characteristics of the Gas Storage System

Technical characteristics: 
  • operating volume:  5 050 000 000 kWh
  • The minimal hourly gas withdrawal capacity (MinQph) is 200 000 kWh/h
  • The minimal hourly gas injection capacity (MinQuh) is 300 000 kWh/h 
The operating volume of the standard bundled unit (SBU) is determined in the amount of  50 GWh i.e. 50 000 000 kWh. The standard bundled unit is defined by the parameters of the working volume as far as the associated injection and withdrawal curves
Facility pressure (entry/exit) at the point of entry into the transport system:
  • minimal: 25 bar
  • maximal: 45 bar
Due to the fact that the PSP Okoli gas storage facility serves as a seasonal storage facility the technological process is carried out in two cycles:
  • injection cycle which lasts from the 1st of April until 30th of September (± 30 days) and 
  • withdrawal cycle which lasts from the 1st of October until 31st of March (± 30 days).  
Connection to the transport system:  PSP Okoli, Naftaplinska 10, Velika Ludina, Republic of Croatia

You can download Standard bundled unit document here.
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